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Our Affiliate Disclosure and Policy

Yesterday’s Games participates in affiliate programs. More information about each program an be found below.

This does not impact:

  • Product procies
  • Our selections
  • The YG32 List

What it allows us to do:

  • Fund our site
  • Pay for resources to improve content quality
  • Avoid video ads, pop-ups, and native advertising

We do not allow any manufacturer or company associated with these products to influence our product selection. Some “Top 10” lists online receive compensation from companies to be placed at the top of their guides–the only people choosing products and their position on our lists is our team. Our opinions are not for sale.

These programs are one of the few ways to monetize Yesterday’s Games, which allows us to continue to create content without negatively impacting your reading experience.

Affiliate Programs We Participate In

  • Amazon Associates: Yesterday’s Games is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide publications like ours with an additional form of monetization. We earn commissions (small fees) by advertising products from and linking to them. Pages on our site may contain Amazon product links, where we will earn a referral commission.
  • SkyPad Partner Program: We partner with SkyPad to promote their products in exchange for an affiliate commission fee. Our choice to partner with SkyPad was born out of an admiration for their products.