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Our Anti-AI Policy as Publishers

We believe using any form of AI to produce written, visual, or audio-based content is unethical. At Yesterday’s Games, we refuse to use AI/LLMs in our production process. We hire and pay talented writers and artists, and we’re proud of that.

While we don’t choose to use AI, we know it’s out in the wild and nearly impossible to avoid in some capacity at this point. This is how we’re approaching it:

  • If AI is used in the production of a video game, we may still report news on that title.
  • We vet new staff and contributors to filter out anything that contains AI when possible.
  • Unfortunately, we have limited control over what type of ads are displayed through our ad platform, though when options are available, we choose to not serve AI-based ads.

As the complex world of AI/LLM use unfurls, we will update this policy accordingly. We stand with artists, writers, designers, and in general, humans. People before profit.