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Atari Unveils NeoSprint, Their Reboot to the 1989 Title Sprint

Racing track showing the top-down view available in NeoSprint.

Written by Joshua P. | Edited by Brianna T. | Images by Yousef E. | April 10th, 2024, 6:02 AM CST

Atari released the VCS console in 2024, but despite that, their reboot of 1989’s Sprint is still coming to console and PC.

This 35-year lapse is a big move by Atari, especially for older fans of the series, but it’s not just for diehard daredevils–it includes some modern features that should be fun to play around with, including a track builder.

NeoSprint’s Steam page also mentions “intuitive sharing tools” which should benefit architects and, as they put it, speed demons. Rev into a track with up to 8 players in total across online multiplayer, but guess what? Couch co-op also returns.

That’s right–we’re looking at local multiplayer so you can race against your friends, step-father, or that weird neighbor kid who keeps going through your trash. According to their Steam page, local multiplayer goes up to 4 players.

Based on the tags on the official Steam page, the nostalgic top-down view is still the go-to camera angle. Paired with the campaign mode and alternate game modes, from Grand Prix to Obstacle Courses, NeoSprint doesn’t sound like a one-day playthrough kind of reboot (thankfully).

Developed by Headless Chicken Games, NeoSprint is slated for a 2024 summer release, though there’s no official date to report just yet.

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