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Enhanced Author Profile: Joshua Powers

Owner, Editor-in-Chief

Joshua runs Albatross Digital Media, the parent company of Yesterday’s Games and Press Exe. He also runs Josh Creates Copy, a subscription-based content and marketing service.

As a father of five, loving husband, and musician, he thrives in chaos and likes having his plate full with projects and business endeavors. He’d probably try to say something cool here, like “There ain’t no rest for the wicked,” but he both a) isn’t that cool, and b) can’t sing Cage The Elephant lyrics without making people mad at him.

With 14 years of experience in copywriting, content strategy, content marketing, SEO, (the list goes on and on), he decided to start his own portfolio of websites. He’ll geek out about marketing, then say something horrible and obscene purely because it got too quiet.

He writes nearly every article you read, the Press Exe newsletter, and even social media copy to distribute our work. He definitely didn’t write his own bio, or recycle that joke from his smaller bio on the Meet the Team page.