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Lethal Company Hits Silver Status on Steam’s Best of 2023 List

Written by Joshua P. | Edited by Brianna T. | Images by Yousef E. | January 3rd, 2024, 7:18 PM CST

Lethal Company landed on Steam’s digital shelves in late 2023, and despite that late introduction to the year, it touched down on Steam’s Best of 2023 list. It’s expected to have surpassed $7,000,000 in sales in November 2023 (and the cost of a copy is only $10).

Zeekerss, the developer for Lethal Company, thanked players in mid-November 2023 as the concurrent player count on Steam surpassed 100,000–a massive achievement for any game, especially an indie title that came out of nowhere.

With rather timely updates rolling out that build upon the already well-paced progression for later stages of the game, the future of Lethal Company looks great. Zeekerss regularly engages with the game’s community through Twitter and receives suggestions for content, some of which has been added to the game.

On top of hitting silver status, Lethal Company recently won the Better With Friends award from The Steam Awards 2023, deserving of that status by the swath of videos from creators like VanossGaming having scares and laughs with friends, referring to  as the “Funniest Game of the Year”, and ongoing community mods to allow for more than four players per lobby.

Despite being released more than two months ago at the time of writing, players are still enjoying Lethal Company and updates that continue to evolve the experience.

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