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The lifeblood of what makes YG run. From the creative vision in our early stages to new staff and contributors, we’re what we are because of these fantastic people.

Owner, Editor-in-Chief

Joshua is unfortunately based in Florida, and he’s still upset about it. With a background in content writing, copywriting, and far too many hours spent gaming, he’s here to shell out the news and host some shows. He definitely didn’t write his own bio.

Director of Visual Media

Yousef was born in D.C. and later moved back to his home country of Egypt. With many hours of YouTube under his belt, he’s developed an eye for motion graphics, video editing, and heads all of our graphics for articles and social media.

News Copy Editor, Internet Researcher

Brianna hails from Maine, and brings her unique editing style to the YG team. She’s a champion who puts up with our Editor-in-Chief’s erratic behavior and somehow still has time to care for her two dogs and pet boa constrictor.

Editor, Co-Host

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Omar holds a background in education and content creation with additional technical know-how. He flexes his teaching muscles as our editor and co-host of Late to the Game.