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This Game Makes the Horror Genre Available on Mobile Devices

Written by Joshua P. | Edited by Brianna T. | Images by Yousef E. | January 10th, 2024, 12:55 PM CST

A new indie horror mobile game is currently in development: The Mystery of Eigengrau by Rigor Mortis Interactive.

Mobile gamers tend to find the selection of horror games lacking. This could be because people are generally harder to scare nowadays, or because playing on a handheld device is more likely to be done in a bright room or near others. All of which takes away from the horror element.

The Mystery of Eigengrau reaches to bring horror to mobile, evident by the eerie graphics in the limited media we have available. It has an ominous first person view to make it seem like the player is thrown into a world of disarray.

While not much is known about the premise of the game yet, It gives hope that more mobile game developers could follow suit and add to the horror genre available. Rigor Mortis Interactive is definitely an indie developer to keep your eye on, and as horror fans, Yesterday’s Games certainly plan to.

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