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Parkour Meets Lovecraftian World in Grimhook, an Entirely Free Game

Protagonist using their hook to traverse a level in Grimhook.

You awaken with a hook in your hand, and a talking skull coin in the other–what’s your first move? Turns out, you don’t have to figure that out on your own: you can live it in Grimhook.

Grimhook launched in December of 2023 as a fun, short game, and now it’s receiving an update to turn it into a full-fledged game. With beautiful scenery and a creepy H.P. Lovecraft undertone embedded in the artwork and soundtrack, it’s an eerie experience that won’t make you jump out of your skin.

Run on the walls like a Titanfall 2 pilot, latch like Sly Cooper with your hook, and propel yourself through a landscape with constantly erupting dangers like you’re in a cutscene in Mirror’s Edge. That’s a lot of name dropping, and even with those, it still doesn’t explain the truly distinctive feel that Grimhook offers.

Grimhook can be downloaded through Steam where you can experience the brief, thrilling story mode before it receives its full game update.

A patch was released on April 2nd, 2024, with more than a handful of quality-of-life upgrades and gameplay changes to bring the experience up a notch. They included:

  • Added difficulty options: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Grim.
  • Decreased player health on normal difficulty.
  • Increased Gunslinger spinning enemy weight and decreased combo-attack knockback.
  • Fixed issue causing Gunslinger spinning enemy to survive being subdued.
  • Fixed issue causing dive to teleport downwards after mantle or grapple.
  • Slightly increased dive area of effect.

Per Grimhook’s Steam page.

We want to call this a delightful adventure, but is that really the right word? Terrifying, perhaps? Spooky? However you classify it when you play, you’re sure to have a killer time.

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