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Slay Beasts as a Deaf Prophetess in Howl, an Artistic Turn-Based Tactical Title for Mobile

The protagonist of Howl faces off against three wolves.

Howl introduces us to a level of dark fantasy not commonly accessible through mobile games. This turn-based RPG hits us hard with stunning visuals from the cover art to every frame you’ll see in-game.

With an inky, hand-drawn design, rigid geometric contrasts between our hero and the beasts she slays, and the beautiful world in the backdrop, you’re immediately immersed into the world of Howl. Don’t get trapped in its beauty and artistic style–there’s a cornucopia of feral creatures waiting in store.

The reason RPGs haven’t been huge with mobile gamers is simply because a lot of them aren’t very well-defined. RPGs are notorious for long campaigns, multiple storylines, and plenty of side quests to pacify your time. Howl appears to act as a great equalizer to the RPG genre on mobile.

While Howl is a mobile-first game, it’s also available on Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and even PC. So how does it equalize when it’s also on platforms that traditionally host traditional RPG titles?

Because at the time of writing, it’s $3.99 on Android and iOS, while it’s $14.99 on Steam and PlayStation. It’s the same game, but an absolute steal on mobile, filling in the hours in between your Baldur’s Gate III gameplay or when you’re waiting at the bus stop.

Howl offers 60 levels to clear out, spanning four chapters of the game’s storyline. Use turn-based tactics to find your brother, discover the cry of the wolves that turns villagers into monsters, and search for a cure to the howling plague.

With charm and a unique style that doesn’t run up a huge graphics budget, Howl gives you a big bite of that classic turn-based RPG feeling without a huge time commitment–it walks the tightrope well. Howl is published by Astragon.

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