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Star Wars Outlaws May Be Arriving at the End of 2024

Written by Joshua P. | Edited by Brianna T. | Images by Yousef E. | January 8th, 2024, 3:13 PM CST

The release date for Star Wars Outlaws has been teased multiple times, but with no clear date set in stone, fans have eagerly awaited concrete news about the release window. As of right now, it looks like Star Wars Outlaws is slated for a late 2024 release.

Ubisoft’s newest project, an addition to the ever-expanding catalogue of Star Wars games, takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. As their first-ever attempt at an open-world Star Wars game, you follow Kay Vess and her companion Nix as they start a new life.

As a fresh take on a beloved era in the Star Wars universe, it’s left many on the edge of their seats hoping to plan a few sick days from work to explore the new game. Unfortunately, there is no specific release window at this time.

All hope isn’t lost, though. This unverified time frame comes from a post on Disney Parks that had discussed Star Wars Outlaws and stated the release of the game would take place during 2024.

Since that discovery, Disney Parks have modified that post to remove any mention of a possible release date for the new title. A Ubisoft spokesperson has said the timing was incorrect and needed to be changed. As of right now, it’s best to bet on an end-of-year release.

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